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Sea Birds on Little Tobago

Faraaz Abdool, environmentalist and adventure birder, continues his exploration of the birds of Tobago. All photos by Faraaz Abdool  (This was first published in the Tobago Newsday, Thursday February 21, 2018) Red-billed Tropicbird makes its way out to sea after attending to its chick on Little Tobago Little Tobago is visible from the coast as one begins to near Speyside, driving from the south. With powerful binoculars, one may just be able to discern avian shapes that are not found anywhere else within Tobago or Trinidad. As the island is approached by boat, the distinctive, raking calls of Red-billed Tropicbirds fill the air, especially during the first half of the year when these graceful, angelic seabirds raise their young on lazily constructed nests on the ground. A short hike to the top of the island and you arrive at convenient and comfortable viewing platforms. At times, no optical aids are necessary